My commitment to research is surpassed only by my abiding passion for teaching. As a scholar of migration, my pedagogical focus is “the other,” e.g., a migrant, a foreign power, or a fellow citizen, and the fundamental questions regarding what is expected of us, what is needed from us, and where have we failed. My pedagogy emphasizes critical introspection in processes of argumentation and deliberation to build students’ confidence in their voice and experience. I encourage students to critically reflect on their own perspectives during discussions, which demonstrates the importance of diversity in deliberative processes and draws upon students’ passions to foster tenacity and compassion in their thinking.

At Idaho State University, I have offered the following courses:

  • Comparative Politics (Fall 2019, Fall 2020)

  • Threats to State Power (Fall 2019)

  • Russian Politics (Spring 2020)

  • Human Security (Spring 2020)

  • Politics of Migration (Spring 2020)

  • Graduate Seminar: World Politics (Fall 2020)

  • First ROAR (Fall 2020)

At the University of Pittsburgh, I offered the following courses:

  • Politics of Oil and Natural Resources (Fall 2017)

  • Human Security (Spring; Fall 2018)

  • International Migration in the 21st Century (Spring 2019)

  • Capstone for Russian, East European, Eurasian Studies (Spring 2019)