As a scholar of migration, my pedagogical focus is “the other,” e.g., a migrant, a foreign power, or a fellow citizen, and the fundamental questions regarding what is expected of us, what is needed from us, and where have we failed.


At Idaho State University, I have offered the following courses:

  • Comparative Politics

  • Threats to State Power

  • Russian Politics

  • Human Security

  • Politics of Migration

  • Graduate Seminar: World Politics

  • International Security

  • Senior Seminar for Political Science

At the University of Pittsburgh, I offered the following courses:

  • Politics of Oil and Natural Resources (Fall 2017)

  • Human Security (Spring; Fall 2018)

  • International Migration in the 21st Century (Spring 2019)

  • Capstone for Russian, East European, Eurasian Studies (Spring 2019)